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We strive to make every experience at our salon fun, safe, and positive! Be it a standard full grooming session or a therapeutic spa treatment, our services will surely put smiles on you and your fur-kids. Purchase your credits here and start grooming with Dirty Dogs!

grooming a happy dog


Get ready to feel new, clean, and refreshed from head to tail! Our grooming services include visual health checks, bathing, fluffing, trimming, and styling.

*Grooming rate is determined by the coat type, breed, and size.

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Price List

  • dog pet full grooming at Dirty Dogs

    Full Grooming

    $60 - $260

  • dog pet basic grooming by Dirty Dogs

    Basic Grooming

    $35 - $160

  • dog pet bath at Dirty Dogs


    $25 - $110

  • dog pet strip down at Dirty Dogs

    Strip Down

    $55 - $190

  • dog pet dematting by Dirty Dogs


    $35 - $240

  • dog pet handstripping at Dirty Dogs


    $35 - $150

  • dog pet undercoat removal by Dirty Dogs

    Undercoat Removal

    $15 - $140

  • dog pet dental scaling by Dirty Dogs

    Dental Scaling

    $80 - $200

  • dog pet tooth brushing by Dirty Dogs

    Tooth Brushing


  • dog pet nail clip and grind by Dirty Dogs

    Nail Clip + Grind


  • paw pad shaving by Dirty Dogs

    Paw Pad Shaving


  • dog pet ear cleaning by Dirty Dogs

    Ear Cleaning


  • Ear cleaning and plucking by Dirty Dogs

    Ear Clean + Pluck


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rejuvenating, relaxing, therapeutic pet spa treatment by Dirty Dogs


Pamper your dogs like kings and queens! Add-on the therapeutic spa treatment that helps them to relax and improves the skin and coat condition.

*Spa rate is determined by the size.

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Price List

  • Ayurveda herb spa at Dirty Dogs

    Ayurveda Herb Spa

    $35 - $75

  • Maracuja floral spa by Dirty Dogs

    Maracuja Floral Spa

    $30 - $70

  • healing dog skin korean spa by Dirty Dogs

    Healing Skin Korean Spa

    $20 - $60

  • CO2 spa by Dirty Dogs

    CO2 Spa


  • happy paw spa by Dirty Dogs

    Happy Paws Spa

    $10 - $15

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pet transport to from Mainland Singapore and Sentosa by Dirty Dogs


Need help sending your dogs to our salon? We provide island-wide transport service to and from your home. It's safe, comfortable, and efficient.

*Transport rate is determined by the distance per way.

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Price List

  • pet transport to from Mainland Singapore by Dirty Dogs


    $5 / $10 / $15
    (per way)

  • pet transport to from Sentosa by Dirty Dogs


    (per way)

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